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Nighttime panoramas with the Fujifilm x10 camera

Several posts on have emphasized a problem with the Fujifilm x10 camera and a phenomenon of  “white orbs.” Those reviews make the white orb problem sound so bad that they make the camera almost unusable. The white orbs are supposedly visible in low-light photographs that include bright points of light (such as streetlights in night scenes) — the white points of light overexpose and bleed over surrounding pixels. Sounds pretty bad, but I have been playing with my x10 in all kinds of lighting conditions and I have not found this problem to be much of a nuisance.

Yesterday at dusk I was walking across the UT Austin campus and I decided to shoot a few sweep panorama photos with the Fuji x10. These were shot handheld at high ISO, but the results were nevertheless impressive from such a small camera. You tell me: are the “white orbs” here any worse than you would expect to see in any photo shot under these conditions with a compact camera?

The UT Austin campus at dusk