Nighttime panoramas with the Fujifilm x10 camera

Several posts on DPreview.com have emphasized a problem with the Fujifilm x10 camera and a phenomenon of  “white orbs.” Those reviews make the white orb problem sound so bad that they make the camera almost unusable. The white orbs are supposedly visible in low-light photographs that include bright points of light (such as streetlights in night scenes) — the white points of light overexpose and bleed over surrounding pixels. Sounds pretty bad, but I have been playing with my x10 in all kinds of lighting conditions and I have not found this problem to be much of a nuisance.

Yesterday at dusk I was walking across the UT Austin campus and I decided to shoot a few sweep panorama photos with the Fuji x10. These were shot handheld at high ISO, but the results were nevertheless impressive from such a small camera. You tell me: are the “white orbs” here any worse than you would expect to see in any photo shot under these conditions with a compact camera?

The UT Austin campus at dusk


2 Responses to “Nighttime panoramas with the Fujifilm x10 camera”

  1. 1 michael Kelly
    June 14, 2012 at 10:24 am

    That’s not how to attach the strap to the camera or case! The strap goes on the camera and the case snaps around the strap lugs.

    • 2 mattvalentinephotography
      June 14, 2012 at 10:33 am


      Both the camera and the case come with straps. There are several configurations that can be used. You CAN attach the camera strap to the camera, and not use the strap that came with the case. Or you can use the strap that came with the case, which attaches to the two leather snap attachments on the case. (Why else do you think these attachments are on the case?) If you want, you can attach a strap to the camera and a strap to the case, though I think that would cause problems. I sometimes like to use a camera with no strap (so the strap does not dangle or get in my way). Fuji clearly intended to provide the option of using the straps on the case and having a camera that can be removed from the case with no straps. This is not a new idea. Dozens of older cameras were offered with similar “ever ready” cases that could be configured this way. Unfortunately, the snap loops on the Fuji case are not strong enough to be reliable. If you read my post carefully, all of this is explained. Thanks for your enthusiasm, though.

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