Long Day of Headshot Photography

Last Sunday, I rented a meeting room in the Holiday Inn Midtown (which used to be a Hilton, and used to be managed by my dad), for a full day photographing actors and models with Acclaim Talent.

I enlisted the help of Lindy Michelle Willis, a good photographer in her own right who has assisted me in the past with weddings and bridal portraits. We photographed one actor per hour, for eleven hours. Lots of work!

This was a good opportunity for me to use a few of my newest pieces of studio equipment, including a large boom from Calumet, which is excellently counterbalanced for a “zero gravity” effect — without adjusting any knobs, you can move the position of the light, and it will just stay wherever you leave it. I have the Calumet boom mounted on a sturdy Avenger wind-up cine stand on casters.

I also made good use of Profoto’s Air Synch and Air Remote. I used three Profoto D1 monolights (which have built-in Air receivers), and a Calumet Genesis 300B monolight (which I synched into the Profoto Air system by attaching an Air synch in “receive” mode.) With a Profoto Air remote mounted on the hotshoe of my Canon EOS 5D Mark II, I was able to trigger all four lights simultaneously, and to selectively turn off any of them, or even adjust the individual output of the three D1 units. This setup offered excellent control and reliability.

My lighting setup for headshots, featuring Profoto D1 lights and Calumet's excellent boom.


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