Homoerotic language in the gun store

For my new short story, I’ve written a scene that takes place in a gun store (inspired by McBride’s in Austin). As I work on the dialog for this scene, it occurs to me that there’s a strangely large lexicon of homoerotic vocabulary associated with firearms.

Most obviously, there are the many mentions of “cock” — used mainly as a verb, but also occasionally as an adjective. Ask a salesman to show you an HK PSP, and he’ll tell you that it has “squeeze cock action”. (Don’t laugh — you might get shot.) Ask him if you can get a model with a “palm swell” and he’ll show you some other neat guns. A few of these might feature a “de-cocker“, so be careful.

And of course there are “pump action” shotguns and rifles, which sound dirty. Ask for a couple of “choke tubes” configured for “skeet/skeet” and they’ll know what you mean.

Walk past the many oils and lubricants to talk to the folks at the ammunition and reloading counter, and you’ll hear a lot of discussion of loads. “That’s a hot load” “That’s a magnum load”, etc. You might also get them to tell you about a “deep penetrating soft point.”

Perhaps the dirtiest minds in the gun store are the guys working in the black powder area. They’ll show you their “ramrods“. They’ll also show you their “nipples“, their “nipple pick“, their “breech plug” their “Buffalo balls” and their “wads“. They might sell you a “3-way breech plug and nipple wrench“. (Ouch!) There’s a product there called “Thunder nipples” and you can get “grease patches” “slick breech plug nipple grease” and “slick load lube“. Don’t forget the “brass ball puller“.


1 Response to “Homoerotic language in the gun store”

  1. March 4, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    This takes me back to Texas like nothing else. Well, maybe Tex-Mex, but this is definitely second.

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